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10 causes of convulsion in people and when to call a doctor.

Convulsion is a type of seizure which some people experience. This occurs due to uncontrolled muscle spasms which leads to unconsciousness. Convulsion can be a side effect of a medication or a sign of an underlying medical condition. It mostly occurs in children thereby making them very weak.There are different things that can cause convulsion.

Causes of convulsion.


Febrile convulsion is a type of convulsion caused by fever. It is more often in children whose temperature increases rapidly. You may not notice the fever until the child starts showing other signs of convulsion.


Epilepsy is a neurological condition which causes repeated seizures. Tonic-clonic or grand mal is the type of seizure that leads to convulsion.

3. Brain tumor

4. Stroke

5.Heart problems




9.Sudden drop in blood pressure.

10.Infections of the brain or spinal cord.

Symptoms of convulsion

1. Lack of awareness and loss of consciousness.

2. Eyes rolling back.

3. Changes in breathing.

4. Arms, legs, or whole body become stiff.

5. Inability to respond.

When you should call your doctor.

1. If you have never had convulsion or seizure before.

2. If the person has heart problem, diabetes or any other medical condition.

3. If the convulsion lasts for more than five minutes.

4. If the person experiences difficult in breathing.

4. Difficulty in walking after the convulsion ends.

6. When the person has another seizure immediately after the first.

7. If they injured themselves during the convulsion.

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