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Does Sleeping Without Panties Improve Vaginal Health?

It may be inconvenient or even unsanitary for many women to sleep without underwear. But there are several compelling reasons for women to think about going nighttime commando, according to scientific study.

Improved vàginal health is one of the most important advantages of sleeping without underwear, according to Healthline. A growing habitat for germs and yeast can be created by the moisture and heat trapped in undergarments. Inconvenient infections like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis can result from this.

Researchers discovered that women who did not wear underwear to bed experienced lower rates of bacterial vaginosis than those who did. The study was published in the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease. Also, sleeping without underwear can increase air circulation in the vaginal region, which can lower the chance of getting a yeast infection.

Moreover, enhanced s£xual satisfaction might result from sleeping undressed. Women might raise their genital sensitivity and excitement by going commando at night. Women who sleep without underwear may also feel more at ease and secure in their bodies, which may result in a more satisfying s£xual experience.

A higher risk of urinary tract infections can be brought on by wearing tight-fitting underpants (UTIs). Since underwear can trap bacteria and moisture, an overgrowth of dangerous bacteria in the urinary tract may result. Women can lower their chance of getting a UTI and enhance general urinary tract health by sleeping undressed.

The following advice can help you adjust if you're thinking about going commando at night:

It may take some time to adjust to sleeping without underwear if you are used to wearing them to bed. It could be a good idea to start by going commando for a few hours before bed and then gradually extend that period of time.

Select breathable materials like cotton or bamboo if you're concerned about sweat and dampness. Because they are absorbent and lightweight, these materials can help keep you dry and comfortable.

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