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Dear Ladies, Toilet infection cause infertility in women, see how to prevent it and get treated

Most ladies don't know that untreated toilet infections (vaginal infection) can cause serious health problems. It can also lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which is a major cause of infertility in women.

Toilet infections is also referred to as toilet disease, in women it is popularly called Vaginal Infection. This infection has caused serious discomfort in woman. Many ladies experience different discomfort depending on the type of infection, such discomfort are burning, itching and unpleasant or foul odour coming right from the vagina. Ladies experience these infections mostly after they use a toilet that is not properly kept, especially when they sit on the dirty surface. Toilet infection can be very embarrassing especially when you are at public places.

You may be experiencing vaginal infection, if the following is your case:

*Burning sensation.



*Swelling of the vulva with a yellow-gray or greenish vaginal discharge possibly with a fishy odor.

*Pain during urination.

*Painful ruination.

*Painful intercourse.

*Vulva redness.

*Blood stain during sex.

There are different types of toilet infection, examples are as follows:

•Baterial Vaginosis

•Vaginal Yeast infection


These infections may be cause by bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms.

There are certain conditions that can trigger the occurrence of these infections, such conditions can be:

#1. Reduced acidity (increased pH) in the vagina: Not all bacteria are harmful to the to the body system, some helps in protecting the body against harmful bacteria. When acidity in the vagina is reduced, the number of protective bacteria (lactobacilli) that are found in the vagina also decreases. The reduction of these protective bacteria can increase your chances of get infected with bacterial vaginosis.

#2. Poor hygiene: some ladies don't know how to keep clean, especially the genital area. Keeping a poor hygiene is very dangerous and is capable of increasing the number of bacteria in the genital area which can cause vaginal infections.

#3. Tight, nonabsorbent underwear: I have written article on the type of underwear a lady should wear to prevent infections and diseases. Wearing a tight or nonabsorbent underwear may trap moisture, which aids in breeding bacteria and yeast.

#4. Irritation: Irritation of vaginal tissues can lead to cracks or sores, which provide access to the bloodstream for bacteria and yeast. You should avoid chemicals, soaps, creams or other things that can cause vaginal irritation.

#5. A vaginal infections can be caused by disorder that affects other reproductive organs. Examples are sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, chlamydial infection or gonorrhea

You can prevent experiencing Vagina infection by doing the following:

•You should always Keep the genital area clean and dry to help prevent infections. Make sure you wash every day with a mild soap. This will prevent you from getting infected.

•Alway Wipe from front to back after urinating or using the toilet this will prevent bacteria from the anus from entering into the vagina.

•Teach people around on how to maintain a good hygiene, especially young girls and women.

•Learn to wear loose, absorbent underwear, this to allow air to circulate and to help keep the genital area dry and healthy.

•Practicing safe sex and limiting the number of sex partners. This is because most people get infected through unprotected sex.

•Stop sharing your underwear if you do.


The question now is, ''Can toilet infection be treated with side effect?'' The answer is yes. You should visit you doctor immediately, your doctor may demand for the vagina discharge sample to enable him or her know the type of toilet infection and the cause of it before administering treatment.

So, you must see a competent doctor for appropriate diagnosis and prompt treatment to avoid complications such as infertility or progression to Pelvic inflammatory disease etc. You should also know that not every vaginal infection is cause by the use of toilet, some can be through unprotected sex or sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Thanks for reading.

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