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Stop Smoking Away Your Baby. Effect of Smoking on Your Unborn Child. Don't Ignore.

There is been a popular saying, "smokers are liable to die young", its written on cigarette packs. You must have also read or head about the consequences of smoking to your heart and lungs, but do you know you are harming your unborn child as you smoke? Oh!, I'm not a woman, it does not concern me you may say. Yes it does concern you, this article is for both men and women. Read on and find out the effect of smoking on your children.

As a young man or woman who smokes, you are decreasing your fertility rate. As a man, you are reducing your ability to impregnate your wife due to some diseases associated with smoking you may not know about till you want give birth.

Every cigarette you smoke contains about 4000 chemicals. These chemicals (such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, cyanide) speed up the loss rate of egg in a woman's womb? The unfortunate aspect is that once egg dies off, they cannot regenerate. As a woman smoking reduces the chance of conceiving.

Infertility rates are about twice in both male and female smokers than in nonsmokers. The rate for infertility problems increases with the number of cigarette smoked per day.

Effect of smoking on couples.

As a couple, if your partner smokes around you, its equal to you smoking. This is known as 'secondhand smoking'. Smoking causes a lot of damage to a pregnant woman and her unborn child. When you are smoking around your pregnant wife you are equally harming your unborn child.

Because smoking damages the genetic materials of egg, miscarriage and offspring birth-defects rates are higher among pregnant woman who smoke or have partners that do smoke. Smokers are more likely to conceive a chromosomally unhealthy pregnancy (such as Down Syndrome) than nonsmokers. You may also come down with ectopic pregnancy and preterm labour. When you smoke, your baby is indirectly smoking, enough oxygen which is essential will not get to him or her. This will affect the lungs and it will not develop well leading to breathing problem later in life.

Can smoking affect my children?

They answer is 'Yes'. Smoking during pregnancy can make your baby not to grow before birth thereby giving birth to a lower-than-expected weight baby. Babies with low birth weight are a higher risk for medical problems later in life (such as diabetes, obesity and diseases of the heart). Your baby is also at risk of dying early.

Having seen the effect of smoking on your unborn children, its important to quit now!

As a man or woman, smoking is of no benefit to or your children. Quitting smoking can improve fertility and the rate of complications due to smoking decreases the longer a person has not smoked.

You might say what is she even saying, I know Mr A who is a chain smoker who gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, I won't quit. I just want to remind you that you are not Mr A and his case might not be yours. Prevention is better than cure.

Yes quitting is not easy but looking at the risk against the benefit, you should make the right decision now. Avoid any environment that makes you smoke and always keep yourself busy to reduce the urge.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Thank you. Comment, like and share so that others can benefit.

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