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Stop Pouring Your Rice Water Away! See 10 Health Benefits of Rice Water

Is there any health benefits associated with Rice water? The answer is YES.

Rice as we all know is a food that is very rich in carbohydrate and also very nutritious,but majority of us don't know that there is actually some health benefits contained in the rice water. As a matter of fact,the rice water contains both medicinal and cosmetic importance and have been in existence since a long time.

The rice water has abundant carbohydrate which is a great source of energy for the body. It also contains starch that helps in the growth of gut bacteria,which helps improve your digestive system. The fiber that rice water contain helps in the promotion of bowel movements.

Apart from the boost it gives in terms of health and medicinal benefits, it also plays a role in your appearance or look. Infact if you want to have a healthy hair and also a smooth skin just mix rice and water.

Below are some healthy benefits of Rice water: 

1. Improvement of energy levels.

2. Improvement of digestive system and also aids indigestion.

3. Prevention of cancer.

4. Reduction of high blood pressure.

5. Regulation of body temperature.

6. Prevention and Treatment of constipation.

7. Washing of face with rice water makes the skin to be more clean and soft.

8. It can be replaced with other facial tonics.

9. Reduction of facial pores

10. Improvement of hair quality by rinsing it with rice water.insing your hair with rice water significantly improves its quality.

How to use:

Put your rice into a pot and add little water more than when you are cooking rice normally. Pour the rice water into a plate or cup and allow it to cool down a bit. It can be taken hot or cold whichever way u like. You can equally add honey to sweeten it. Don't add sugar.

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