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Lady reveals her toxic trait, says, "I know how to love but I don’t know how to believe I’m loved"

A lady has captured the attention of her fans online after she revealed her toxic traits. The lady identified as @Ama_nice disclosed this via her recent post on her Twitter page.

Sharing the tweet, @Ama_nice stated that her biggest toxic trait is her inability to believe that she is loved. She said that regardless of all, she knows how to love. @Ama_nice also shared adorable new photos of herself flaunting her beauty.

She wrote:

"My biggest toxic trait is, I know how to love, but I don’t know how to believe I’m loved."

It might interest you to know that toxic is capable of causing harm to a person's health and well-being. Certain behaviours do nothing but drag you down, hold you back, and cause you to suffer, whether exhibited by you or by another person in your life. These behaviours can rightfully be called toxic because of their negative effect on your mental health and well-being.

Social media users who came across what @Ama_nice tweeted are reacting to it. Those who commented made some suggested on how @Ama_nice would improve on herself. They stated that what she have to do is to believe that her partner loves her. They added that from her partner words and action, she would affirm if he really loves her.

However, others revealed that @Ama_nice is beautiful and gorgeous. Some men hilariously made some promises and also complimented her looks. They said the reason why @Ama_nice can not believe she is loved is because of too many lovers. See more reactions below.

Recall @Ama_nice recently wowed her fans a few days ago after she shared pictures in her uniform. Kindly take a look at the photos.

What do you have to say as @Ama_nice revealed her toxic trait? Feel free to drop and advice her using the comment box.

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