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5 Safe Ways To Massage The Tummy During Pregnancy

Your welcome once again my esteemed readers. Today we bring you safe ways to effectively massage your tummy without disturbing your beautiful/ handsome child in the womb. Am sure he or she will be very relaxed when you start this.


Massaging your tummy during pregnancy may enable you to loosen up, stimulate better rest, and may even assist in improving blood flow in the stomach area. Be that as it may, you might need to abstain from rubbing your tummy during the principal trimester as it might decline your queasiness or morning infection.

Here are the 5 ways to massage your pregnant belly without any complication.

1. Pick a decent oil or cream.

Make sure it contains vitamin E or you can equally utilize any great basic oil. Utilize a bearer oil when utilizing fundamental oils for rubbing. If all else fails connect with your birthing specialist or specialist to realize what sort of oil you should use. 

2. Rub gently.

Use your hands to rub gently as you take your hands around your gut area. Cease from utilizing firmer or hard strikes around your pelvis. 

3. Make a roundabout stroke around your belly button.

Rub your hands towards your midsection button. Utilize little roundabout strokes as you make little ''O''s and ''C'' with your palms. 

4. Take a deep breath and stroke.

Take moderate and full breaths and feel as though you and your infant are in a state of harmony with one another. Feel as though you are holding your little beloved newborn in your arms as you stroke your child bump while rubbing. 

5. Maintain a balance.

In the event that your husband is the one massaging you, ensure you rests on your side. Use pads to help your bump and knees for greatest solace. You can sit upstanding too for the back rub.

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