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See The World’s First Bionic Eye, As Doctors Set To Eradicate Blindness With Artificial Eye

Breakthrough as researchers at the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia have succeeded in creating a bionic eye which promises to restore vision when it's lost, with the help of a brain implant. However, the medical team claims that this going to be the world’s first bionic eye ever made, as this bionic eye dubbed gennaris bionic vision system, has actually been under development for nearly a decade now. Meanwhile, according to the teams, it was revealed that the bionic eye works by bypassing damaged optic nerves, in order to allow signals flows or transmission from the retina to the vision focus(centre) of the brain.

The medical teams stated that the operation of this bionic eye system, is basically very simple as it only involves the user to wear a custom designed headgear, containing a camera and also a wireless transmitter installed in it. Even, also a set of 9mm tiles are imbedded in the brain which serves as a receiver, to receive the signals being transmitted.

However, a professor at Monash University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, prof Arthur Lowery, announced that this design creates a visual pattern from combinations of up to 172 spots of light i.e phosphenes, which helps provide information for the individual to navigate both indoor and outdoors, in order to be able to recognize the presence of people and objects around them. Furthermore, he stated that more researches are being made just to get more advanced and also to help people with untreatable neurological conditions like limb paralysis and others, aiming to help make their lives better and comfortable.

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