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3 Important Rules To Live a Happy Life

Success and happiness are the two complement of life and if neither of these two remains, then it is certainly not possible to meet the other. But it is also not possible that you will have success at every step or you will be happy at all times. In such difficult circumstances, it is very important to maintain balance in life, so that it can be pushed towards new success.

1. Meditation posture

You should meditate, sit in meditation posture, do yoga yoga. First of all, you should sit with your eyes closed and calm your mind. At this time you have to listen to your heartbeat. Unheard all the noise happening around you. Spend time just listening to the sounds of your heartbeat. While sleeping at night, take 2 minutes of silence after taking the name of God and remember God while contemplating. Now keep your two palms on your eyes while quarreling with each other and feel the warmth of your palms.

2. Nutritious eating and exercising

You have to eat healthy food to live happily. Over-fried things should be avoided. Meat, alcohol etc. should not be consumed, friends. Many people get up early in the morning to exercise and ensure that their health is good, which is a very good thing, it has to be done every day. Friend and get up every morning to go to the morning walk. It gives freshness to your entire body. When the fresh air outside enters your mind, positive thoughts start coming in you, due to which your whole mind and body is filled with happiness.

 3. Positive thinking

If you want to live a happy life in your life, then you have to keep positive thinking for it. You will not have to bring negative feelings in yourself. Friends, there are many people who are jealous of seeing people higher than themselves and that people get jealous after seeing their success. Due to which, negative thinking starts developing in them, which further pushes them into great trouble. So friends, don't bring this kind of negative thinking inside you.

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