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“I urinated on hot charcoal to stop my problem”- Lady who bed wets for 20 years narrates her ordeals

A lady, Tolu Joseph, who has been bedwetting for the past 20 years has revealed the various steps she took to stop the problem as she narrates her ordeals. 

According to her, she has been bed wetting since she was a baby till she became an adult without having any dry periods. Narrating what she did to stop bed wetting after she discovered it was a problem, she said her family members, especially her Grandma who was concerned will buy anything she was told would cure her problem. 

She said she ate electric fish with some strange leaves that was prepared into a traditional concoction but it failed. Speaking further, she said, she was told to urinate on hot charcoal so that when she is dreaming in her sleep, she will remember the hot charcoal and the terrifying experience will awake her from bed wetting. She also said she was told to pray to a grinding stone to stop the problem. She adds that her aunty gave her perfume water from a church to drink to stop the problem but it didn’t stop. 

The problem continued till she was an undergraduate of university of Lagos. Curious to know more about her problem, she said she went online to know more about it and then discovered her condition had a medical term called, enuresis. She said she discovered part of her problem was that she has a small bladder. She saw some foods she should avoid eating and followed some of the guidelines she found online and since then her situation has changed. 

Source: BBC pidgin

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