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If You Want To Live Long, Please Stop Making The Mistake Of Cooking Rice Without Doing This First

A lot of people all over the world are huge fans of rice. In fact, rice is like the most popular food ever. It is rich in taste and can also be used to eat a lot of delicacies like rice and stew, jollof rice, coconut rice, fried rice, and lots more. There are some people on earth who cannot do without eating rice for a single day. No doubt, rice is like everybody's favourite food and also the most consumed food in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Rice is a cereal grain and it is consumed mostly in parts of Africa and the Asian continent. Rice plant contains a very high amount of starch and arsenic and high consumption or intake of arsenic and starch is associated with various diseases like cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and lots more. That is why it is very unwise for a person to eat and consume rice excessively without first doing some certain important things.

Eating rice exposes you to a lot of ailments and diseases which could take your life but these diseases can be avoided if you take some certain processes seriously while cooking your rice. In this article, I'm going to be showing you, few steps to take while cooking rice that could prevent a person's life from shortening. See them below;

1. Wash the rice thoroughly.

Make sure you wash the rice thoroughly before you start cooking it. This is very important, it helps to remove the gems, arsenic, excess starch and lots of bacteria that can cause harm to the body.

2. Parboil the rice.

After you must have washed the rice, please make sure to Parboil it in order to remove more of the arsenic acid and starch still existing in it after washing.

3. Filter the water after Parboiling.

You should also filter out the water after parboiling and add fresh water to the pot to start cooking again to your taste.

4. Add vegetables to it before eating.

Since you already know that eating too much rice has a lot of dangers involved and might cause some health issues, why not add some healthy vegetables to it so as to reduce the risk involved.

Thanks for reading. I hope you've learnt something good from this article. Please stop cooking and eating rice without doing the needful. It could kill you. Please comment your thoughts and share this article to save others.

Content created and supplied by: HealthyGistz (via Opera News )


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