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Foods You Should not Eat When You Are on Medication

Many people know that certain drugs don't work well with others but what many don't know is that certain foods as well don't work well with certain drugs.

According to some research I made, I found out that these foods, I am going to be talking about has some effect on the drugs you take.

1. Milk

Although it has a lot of benefits to the body ranging from it's nutritional benefits to heart health and brain health, it can affect the effect of certain types of drugs such as antibiotics.

Research shows that taking milk with certain antibiotic drugs could reduce ot delay the effect of the drug in the body.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is another type of food you should not eat when you are not on medication. According to several sources, they could reduce or even damage the effect of drugs in the body.

According to research, it is best you avoid this type of food when you are on Medication in order to prevent it from removing the effect of drugs in your body.

3. Grape Fruit

Grape Fruit is another type of food you should not take when on medication. Although the fact remains that grape fruits has impressive benefits to the body. When you are certain medications, you are advised to reduce or avoid intake of grape Fruit.

4. High Fiber Foods

This includes all the high fiber foods around the world. According to research, it is recommended that you reduce intake of these types of foods even more when you are taking anti biotics. It slows down the rate at the which these drugs work thereby taking more time to show its effect.

5. Caffeinated Foods

Caffeine has been proven to also affect the intake certain drugs. It affects absorption of anxiety drugs in people that has anxiety or panic attack.

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