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Deborah Okezie laments as people message her for abortion recipe (Video)

It is very true that health is wealth, and as a result of this some many people are in search of a good way to maintain their health status, the mother of the molested child, Deborah Okezie blows hot now, see what she said.

Before now, Deborah Okezie is more like a heath instructor, she gives out tips that will help people on his social media page to maintain their health, she gives out natural ways to cure diabetes, infections and other diseases. At times she gives out recipe to maintain an adequate blood pressure.

Just now, she took to her facebook page to share a live video about those people who has been playing pranks on her.

This time around, she was blowing hot and warning those people who has been messaging her concerning what they can use to flush out pregnancy. She said, there is this unknown woman that messaged her anad ask what she can use to flush out her pregnancy because her baby is still small.

Deborah Okezie said she is giving such kind of people the last warning, aside they desist from messaging her, she will upload their details for people to see.

According to Deborah, she said she knows the kind of game they are playing with her. She said "you want me to give you recipe, so that you will use it and something will happen and in turn house will bring police to my house."

According to her, she said she is smarter than all her enemies and any thing that will implicate her, she'd rather run from it.

She said a whole lot of thing and so many of her followers are really behind her and supporting her, see the advice some of them have to her;

Watch the full VIDEO here.

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Deborah Okezie


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