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My struggles with Diabetes and my success story without any complications

Trying to manage Diabetes can be very demanding and expensive. Like trying to desist from your favorite food, drinks. Or when you are trying to administer insulin to regulate your blood sugar and so on. Getting adequate information is very key to a healthy life.

Diabetes is a condition that causes high levels of glucose (a type of sugar) in your blood. This is because of a problem with a hormone called insulin your pancreas produces. Insulin moves glucose from your bloodstream and into the cells of your body for energy. If your body doesn't make enough insulin or can't use the insulin it makes, glucose stays in the bloodstream and can’t move across into your cells to give them energy to work properly. 

Type 1 diabetes happens when your body cannot make insulin. This type most commonly affects children and young adults, and is a result of your body’s immune system attacking the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. 1 in 10 people with diabetes are Type 1.

Type 2 diabetes happens when your pancreas isn’t making enough insulin or your body can no longer use the insulin it makes.


Type 2 diabetes is much more common than Type 1 and tends to develop gradually as people get older – usually after the age of 40. But more and more people every year are being diagnosed at a much younger age.

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Diabetes Type 2


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