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3 Health Benefits You Can Get From Using Palm Oil Regularly

Palm oil is one of the most popular foods that is consumed in the world. In Nigeria, palm oil is mostly used to prepare local dishes, which are too many to mention in this article. There are have controversies on weather palm oil is good for the health or not. Some reports have shown that palm oil can promote the health of the heart, while some other reports have indicated that it may have negative effects on the heart. 

What is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is gotten from a fleshy fruit known as Oil palm. When the palm oil is unrefined, it is known as red palm oil. The palm oil as you may already know, is gotten from Palm tree, which is common in West and Southwest Africa. Palm oil contain nutrients such as calories, vitamin, etc. 

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

a) Brain Health: you may not know this, palm oil is great source of tocotrienols, a type of Vitamin E, that contains Antioxidant properties, which are capable of promoting brain health. If you have not been including palm oil into your meals, then it time you started, but do not consume too much of it.

b) Provides Vitamin A: if you are deficienct in Vitamin A, and is looking for cool meals that can help you boost your Vitamin A status, then palm oil is the best food for you. A study in pregnant women shows that consuming palm oil helps boost the vitamin A levels in your blood, and even in their breastfed children.

c) Improve Heart Health: there are many controversies on weather palm oil can actually improve heart health. Some studies have shown that palm oil can provide protection to the heart against heart diseases. Palm oil have shown to be beneficial to the health of the heart, by helping to lower "bad" LDL cholesterol and and increasing the "good"  HDL cholesterol.

Source: Healthline


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