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Consume Agidi (Eko) regularly to help prevent these 5 health conditions.

Agidi or Eko is a delicious food that is made from corn. Agidi could be made in a white or yellow form depending on the type of corn available. A plain agidi (the one which no ingredient is added) can be eaten with beans, soup and even stew. Agidi is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which helps keep you healthy. When you consume Agidi regularly, it will help to prevent some health conditions from occuring.

Below are the health conditions that will be prevented.

1. Anemia.

According to, one wrap of agidi contains about 75mg of iron. It also has an high amount of folic acid and vitamin B12 which helps to boost blood production thereby preventing anemia from occuring.

2. To prevent high blood cholesterol.

Agidi contain some compounds which helps to lower your cholesterol levels. When you consume Agidi regularly, high blood cholesterol will be prevented.

3. Helps to prevent diverticulosis.

When you consume Agidi regularly it will help keep your large intestine healthy. This will help prevent a large intestine disease called diverticulosis.

4. It helps to prevent constipation

Agidi contains an high amount of fiber which helps to prevent constipation. Consume agidi regularly in order to promote a proper bowel movement.

5. Helps to prevent high blood pressure.

The potassium present in Agidi helps to prevent hypertension. When you increase your consumption of this food, your blood pressure will be regulated.

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