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How To Know If You Have Symptoms Of Malaria

Malaria symptoms usually occur within ten to four weeks after the infection. Symptoms may not be experienced for several months in some cases. Some malarial parasites can get into the body but will be idle for a lengthy period of time.

The symptoms of malaria that are common include the following:

-Shaking chills that can be from being moderate to very severe

-High fever

-Sweating excessively



-Nausea and vomiting

-Pain in the abdomen



-Pain in the muscle

-Having convulsions

-Bloody stools

How can malaria be diagnosed?

Your doctor or medical consultant can be able to diagnose malaria. Your health history will be checked thoroughly, including any travel recently made to a tropical climates. Your doctor might also carry out a physical examination for further review.

The results from these tests would show your doctor or medical consultant whether you have an enlarged spleen or liver. Additional testing can be carried out by your doctor if you have symptoms of malaria for further diagnosis.

The results of the test will show the following:

-If you have malaria

-The type of malaria you have

-If the infection is caused by a parasite that is resistant to some certain type of drugs

-If the disease has caused anemia

-If the disease has affected the vital organs in your body.

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