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The benefits of drinking pap

corn pap, is a Nigeria yeast cereal pudding made from maize.

it's the best light food that has been around now, and take by many people.

Regulates blood pressure

the advantage of taking light rich food like pap is that it helps the body to reduces the sodium in the body while also easing force in your blood fee walls.

Good source of energy

is the good source of cellulose, the one your body nutrients relies on for adequate energy.

Food like pap do not only help your body with energy it also raise mental sharpness and faster the complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells.

The water content in pap helps to supply the daily water requirement. That's why some nursing mothers take it to easy flow of breast milk.

Easy digestion

there is nothing like crowding or indigestion with corn pap because the cereal digest easily.

this is why in Nigeria; sick people take corn pap.

Contains vitamins

corn pap contains a lots of vitamins which is; vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B5, B3, B1, and it's also contains metal, zinc, magnesiun.

It is also highly in folic acid, potassium, (as we mention in 1), zinc, magnesiun, selenium, etc.

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