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Effect of Cola drinks on your health.

Can drinks are very popular drinks not only here in Nigeria but also all over the world. It is used to entertain people that visit us and also during ceremonies and also to quench our thirst especially in a hot afternoon. The taste is one of a kind but have you evaluated the impact it has on your health?

An article published in the Medical News Today website shows that drinking a can of C.oke drink is equivalent to taking 10 teaspoons of sugar. The WHO has recommended that 6 teaspoons of sugar is enough in a day, so you see that just one can of cok.e has exceeded your daily intake. In another article by Renegade Pharmacist, the following are some effects that C.Cola can do to your body

*first 10 minutes of consumption, you are supposed to vomit, but the phosphoric acid in the drink plus other sweeteners and flavours will prevent you from that.

*in the next 20 minutes when the sugar reaches the liver, because of its high quantity will be converted to fats. An insulin resistance will be made thereby leading to conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc.

*by 40 minutes time, your blood pressure rises and to respond to the situation, the liver adds more sugar to the blood.

*in an hour's time, the diuretic properties in the drink will be in effect. The need to urinate starts, as you pass out urine, water, chloride, potassium, magnesium and other minerals are passed out leaving weak and dehydrated.

Doctors advise that you should cut down your intake of drinks like coke, they recommend taking water and probably adding lemon just for taste. Health is wealth, so let's stay healthy. Exercise regularly to burn your excess calories. Stay safe and healthy.

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