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10 Health Benefits Of Scent Leaf

Many of us cook food with scent leaf without knowing it health benefits, well if you cook with it keep it up for amazing good for your family.

Scent Leaf botanical name is ocimum gratissimum, belongs to the family of labiatae. Scent Leaf is known to Yoruba as(Efirin), Igbo as(Nchanwu) and Hausa as(Daidoya).

Here is all we need to know...

1. For bad breath, scent leave is known for its ability to kill bacteria in the mouth and fight off bad breath(Halitosis), all you need to do is take some leaf chew the leaf or brush with the stick daily and wash with water after and say bye bye to smelly mouth

2.For skin infection, crush or squeeze out scent leaf juice and apply to the infected area daily for effective recovery.

3.For treatment of Fever, diarrhea,cold and catarrh. All you have to do is squeeze some juice from scent leaf add little quantity of hot water and drink twice for effective result.

4. Scent Leaf aids digestion. If you eat late at night, it's likely to experience indigestion and bloating scent leaf juice has high effect on digestion such as easy bowel evacuation and weight management.

5.For stomach ache, diarrhoea, chronic dysentery and vomit. The liquid extraction works effectively in this area by drinking it twice daily.

6. Scent Leaf juice can be use for prevention and treatment of malaria and cough.

7.The aqueous extraction can be use to treat ear ache, tooth ache and colon pain.

8. When left to dry and brunt, scent leaf is mosquito repellent.

9. Most especially menstrual pain. Scent Leaf juice works magnificent in relieving pain and keeps you comfortable throughout your flow.

10.For infertility. Scent Leaf juice and leaf help both male and female in rebuilding the reproductive system and boost Fertility in both male and female.

Wonders of nature...

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Daidoya Efirin Igbo Nchanwu Yoruba


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