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Reason why this small town in Nigeria as the highest number of twins birth in the world

A twin birth is a thing of joy for many woman, every joy of a woman is to have children, but they have more joy when they give birth to a twin child. But did you know that given birth to a twin child as become a norms in a small town in Oyo State, Nigeria.

The town has one of the highest birth rates of twins in the world. Igbo-Ora is a town and the capital of Ibarapa Central, Oyo State, south-western. This unusually large number of twin births in this town have earned them the nickname Twin Capital of the World. In Igbo-Ora, many have been studying why the large numbers of twin in this town and not in other town. What are they doing, what can be the cause of it? Many as suggested that the multiple births could be related to the eating habits of the women in the town. But there is no research that show relationship between food intake and twin births. Another suggestion is that a chemical found in Igbo-Ora women and the peelings of a widely consumption tuber (yams) could be responsible. Which is called twin yam.

Study is still ongoing concerning the things behind their twin birth, but as for now, people believe the yam is responsible.

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