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Are you struggling with bulgy, try these and get your flat tummy in 7 days

Flat tummy doesn't come easily but with consistency, it works.

   Many people want to lose belly fat, they try out different types of abdominal flat tummy drugs, and products to find that it is a waste of time and money.

   In fact, taking most of these supplements and products for weight loss is not a healthy way to lose weight. They put a lot of risk to our health.

   Here are three quick ways to burn belly fat without buying expensive tea or drugs:

   1. Detoxification: This is particularly important for a flat stomach. Most people are strong by mistake and have not achieved the desired results.

   Stomach tightening cleanses the stomach of all toxins that prevent the liver from gaining weight from the arteries. If we detoxify, the liver can burn fat better and we can endure our dreams.

   The two best ingredients for detoxification are ginger and lemon. The two strong ingredients have many health benefits and that is why they are effective in detoxifying our stomachs.

   Most people use ginger and lemon to soothe the stomach, but they abuse it and do nothing right. They do not use ginger and lemon peels. Research has shown that most of the active ingredients in ginger and lemon are found in their nuts.



   3 cups of distilled water

   3 medium-sized lemons

   2 ginger


   1. Wash the ginger and lemon well in clean water.

   2. Cut the lemons in half, pour water into a cup. Cover and cool. Do not look away!

   3. Grease or mix the lemon zest on the ginger

   4. Add a cup of hot lemon juice and ginger salt for the afternoon.

   5. Drain the water from the mixture and add it to the lemon juice. Drink it with four glasses of hot water every morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat for at least 5 minutes after drinking water. It accelerates the stomach and accelerates the burning of belly fat.

Content created and supplied by: Oyindamolamii (via Opera News )



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