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Best Ways to Take Care of Yourself Everyday

1. Have enough exercise:

Having enough exercise will help you reduce stress and fatigue. Take a walk in the morning in order to boost your body and prepare you for the day ahead.

2. Read a book or a magazine to become informed, entertained and versatile:

 Reading helps to occupy our mind and get away from the pressures and worries of our lives.

3. Always have a quick morning meditation. 

Take a some moments to relax and meditate in order to prepare your mind for the day.

4. Have enough rest and sleep. 

Always rest and have enough sleep inorder to boost and energize your body..Sleep is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the mind.

5. Eat healthy:

Always eat a balanced meal... Balanced meal are meals that contains the six classes of food which are carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral, protein, fats and oil, water..

Avoid eating junk foods, carbonated drinks,alcohols, etc

6. Maintain Personal hygiene:

Make sure to take your twice daily(morning and night), brush your teeth twice daily, wear clean undergarments to avoid infections, always wash your towels, change your beddings, take your bath properly using clean water and body soap..

7. Make time for yourself:

Create time for yourself to have your personal leisure, to spend time with family and friends. Take a mini vacation, participate in hobbies and activities you love.

8. Take proper medication:

Whenever you notice you aren't feeling too well,seek proper medical attention and examination..Avoid drug abuse and smoking..

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