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Types of Husband based on their birth Month

Scientists have figured out how your well-being matters for the month you were born. Astronomy and astrology have been a significant part of science for many years. About 2.500 years ago, Hippocrates, the Founder of Western Medicine, noticed a link between star and disease movements, saying that "astronomy is indeed a very significant contribution to the field of health," and that "the astronomy 's contribution to medicine is indeed not a small but a very big contribution."

Astrology as pseudo-science has been long overdue by the scientific community. Nevertheless, new scientific research suggests that your "sign" may have more to do with your health. It is not due to the power of any celestial entity, but because you are born during this time of year. A new study suggests your month of birth is related to diseases you may develop throughout your lifetime.

In an amazing 1.75 million patients who were born between 1900 and 2000 who were treated at the Columbia University Medicine Center, Mary Regina Boland, and Nicholas Tatonetti and other Columbia University researchers reviewed records. With statistical analysis, 1.688 different diseases were dealt with and 55 were detected that had an ADHD, reproductive performance, asthma, eye, and ear infections correlation, including birth month.

Researchers stress that other environmental factors, such as diet, medical attention, and exercise, will most likely affect whether you have a disease. And as these numbers are retrieved from New York, these numbers may not apply to infants born elsewhere

And what was the most dangerous during the birth months? Ultimately, the investigators found no significant benefit and downside when it came to the disease being born in July, August, January, and December. Many months have been associated with increased disease risk, like October and November, with a decreased risk of disease in February, March, April, May, and July. The following was summarized:

Persons born in October and November were at higher risk for infectious, reproductive, and neurological diseases. Those who were born between September and December have been better protected for cardiovascular disease, while those who were born between winter and spring (January to June) are more vulnerable. And because cardiovascular diseases reduce so many lives, birth in the autumn was generally associated with living longer than birth in the spring.

If you think it or not, you will reveal a lot about your personality. Interestingly, the month you are born is one of these things. Astrology looks beyond that while you see only 28-31 days a month. In this article, I'm investigating what astrology has to tell about a husband's monthly characteristics. I'll use the photos of popular men born every month to spice up things.

Are you ready? Let's go.

1. January

The husband of January is fun to be with. You 're laughing and playing a lot. You'll probably have a great deal to battle over his Goophy if you'll be a lady who takes things seriously. The husbands of January are always considerate and compassionate. You are goddamn lucky if the present husband or boyfriend is born in January!

2. February

Even as your birthday falls in the romantic month, husbands in February shower you with lots of affection and devotion. It will never be your husband who will make you feel loved. You might be too concerned about charm as a woman and he doesn't flirt away.

3. March

The men of March are really wise. They 're always the ones who love to read. You have made yourself a scholar if you are dating or married to a man born in March. The people of March are adored and loved. As a woman, you can only worry about these men by deceiving them. You know nearly all the prices on the market.

4. April

Husbands of April are tidy and want things constantly in order in the home. It means that you will be tidy all the time. Strict and upright are also April husbands. So rest assured that your children have a beautiful dad.

5. May

If you marry a May person or a May person, you have a fine guy for yourself. May husbands are afraid of God, fair, and mannered. You are like a queen who will treat you and make you happy. You don't have to miss your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. May-men don't play food with them.

6. June

June men's marriages are good because they can build a family. They 're romantic and a great father. Its collapse is just rage. You don't want to see upset with them.

7. July

Each woman ought to pray for July men are the sort of men that. Husbands in July are loyal, very romantic, and hopeful. Also if the family is in debt, you will never fail to be happy. They 're really good in bed. You are guaranteed happiness for the rest of your life with a July Man at your side.

8. August

The husbands of August are clever but extremely dull. When it comes to an argument you can never win them so save your strength. August men may be hard but inside they have a kind heart. You may not spend family time together, but you will always show the love of your family.


A husband from September is the one who tells you he will come back late. Yet stay on your back and plant a kiss on your cheek. Then take your waist. They are very pleasant and surprising. They may be taken for granted because of their gentle nature so that you can help him fight better.

10. October

A husband of October is someone who likes to chat. They are good consultants, too. What's not nice about them is that many people admire them for their good looks. Be ready, therefore, to control your jealousy and anger.

11. November

Men born in November have a gentle Ph.D. They are also very imaginative and nice at home. You've earned a book about how to treat a woman and make her feel unique. 

12. December

The people of December are the kinds of men who would not say a word or harm you if you clash with him. You 're the quietest person you'll ever meet. They look good, clean, supportive, and will never fail to make your face smile.

Which type of a husband are you?

Which type of husband would you love to marry?

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