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Wrong Habits Of Eating That Is Bad For Your Health.

What we eat determines the state of our well-being and what we do is who we are. Eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising and good hygiene help in our growth,builds our body to be strong and fights various diseases in our body. Here are things you need to do;

1. Don't over eat, even good food.

2. Don't eat anything between meals, not one bite. Eating between meals bring constipation and paves way for many diseases.

3. Don't eat fruits and vegetables together. It brings fermentation in the stomach and results to brain problems. Don't allow children to take mango after eating fufu with vegetable soup. This is the cause of several diarrhoea cases during mango season.

4. Don't drink water between meals. This results in difficulties in the process of digestion that causes fermentation and severe constipation. Drink water 30 minutes before and after meals.

5. Night or late supper should be avoided. Take your meals as early as possible; have enough time for digestion before retiring to bed and be of good strength when you wake in the morning.

6. Don't use glucose and saccharine; they kill vitamin "K".

7. Don't eat vinegar and its product; use for cleansing.

8. Don't eat too much salt; even sea salt.

9. Don't use alcohol; intoxicated drinks.

10. Don't eat canned food, they can give you incurable cancer when rusting takes place.

11. Don't smoke or use tobacco in any form.

12. Don't use soda or baking powder in anything you eat.

13. Don't over work or under exercise, balance it.

14. Don't stay up too late at night, sleep and rest.

15. Don't stay in the house too much, go out for fresh air and sunlight.

16. Don't worry about anything, worry kills.

17. Don't cook or eat in aluminum, use steel, iron and other metals to regain your 100% optimum health if possible.

18. Don't drink urine as medicine, it will defile you.

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