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Reasons Why Self-Care Is Important When Dealing With Infertility

Marriage is a beautiful beginning of a new life. When a girl gets married, she thinks marriage will be a bed of roses, but it has difficulties too. Soon after the honeymoon phase is over, couples or should I say the whole family is eager for a “good news”, but it’s not easy for some people, including me. As a woman, I wanted a baby soon after my marriage, I was so excited to see the two pink lines on the pregnancy test, but in my case, it took seven years. Still, I thank God at least it happened.

Infertility is a shock; it confuses people and makes women wonder why they are not able to get pregnant. Questions like “Am I lacking something? Am I diseased?” rise and drain the mind. For couples, it’s the hardest time of their life, and they are burdened with social pressure. People keep asking questions like “When are you having a baby?”, “Are you planning for a baby soon?”, “Why is it not happening?”, “Do you want to enjoy life before planning a baby?”, and the most common prediction in our society is that the wife is incapable of getting pregnant. I think families and people around such couples should be motivational and kind instead of treating the couple or specifically the woman horribly if they are a social stigma.

In today’s life, stress is the main reason for infertility. It’s impossible to lead a stress-free life, but self-care is crucial.

So, let people speak but never lose hope. There are so many treatment options available these days, and they have become blessings for couples in need. I have gone through various infertility treatments, and I had two IVF treatments that failed completely. I was shattered and lost hope entirely as I had no underlying cause (PCOS, Fibroids, etc.) to be infertile.

But after 3 months God listened to my prayers and unexpectedly I had the symptoms of nausea. I thought I was suffering from jaundice as I had nausea because of the smell of food. After 15 days of delayed periods, my friends insisted on doing the home pregnancy test which was hard for me as it used to be negative all the time, I took the test as if it was my final board exam and thankfully it turned out to be positive. For the first time, I saw those two pink lines.

This journey was very tough, and self-care is essential because people will surely bring you down, will call you names, but a positive attitude plays an important role. Never lose hope, pray, and get treated by a doctor and healed by God.

I am writing in a simple style so that it is relatable for many of you. I hope and pray that every couple who is going through this is motivated and loved by us instead of being cursed.

Much love and God bless all the couples who are trying to conceive.

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