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Meet Stella Adadevoh, The Brave Woman who Died For Nigeria


Meet Stella Adadevoh, The Brave Woman who Saved Nigerians From Being Affected by a Deadly Disease

  Hello my esteemed readers and guest, today i will be sharing some vital piece of information about the brave woman who saved Nigerians from being affected by a deadly disease.

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  Stella Shade Adadevoh was a brave woman who was born on the 27th of October, in the year 1958, she graduated from university of Lagos as a physician. The story of Stella is brave one, as she gave up her life to save her mother's land. You might wonder what made her to give up her life to save Nigerians. 

  Stella Shade Adadevoh was the brave woman who prevented Nigerians from being infected with Ebola. You might ask how did this happen; it might interest you to know that Stella Shade was the physician who took care of the Liberian man who brought Ebola to Nigeria. 

 The Liberian man whose name is Patrick Sawyer, was diagnosed of Ebola and he was immediately isolated by Stella Shade. After some weeks, the infected Liberian discovered that he was carrying the deadly disease in his body system and out of fear and frustration, he demanded to be discharged so that he can go to his pastor and be healed from the disease...

 Knowing fully well that there are so many dangers and life risk in letting him be discharged, Stella Shade took it upon herself to restrain him. It was a thug o war and she finally won against him, but in the process of trying to stop the infected patient, she mistakenly contacted the disease.

  And she later died on the 19th of August in the year 2014, her heroic gesture saved saved millions of people. She was indeed a true hero who was faithful to her mother land.

 May her soul rest in perfect peace. What do you think about her story?

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