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Home remedies for irregular periods

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An average menstrual cycle usually lasts for 28 days and it is counted from the first day of the first period to the first day of the next. However, this varies from month to month and from woman to woman.

Irregular periods can cause series of health issues including difficulty in getting pregnant because ovulation becomes more complicated. Please note that women with irregular periods can become pregnant because ovulation still occurs, it is just difficult to determine when it occurs.

Here are home remedies for irregular period

1 Practice yoga

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Yoga has also been found to improve the quality of life in women with primary dysmenorrhea by reducing monthly pain and emotional symptoms linked with menstruation such as depression and anxiety. It can also help reduce irregular periods.

2 Maintain a healthy weight

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Your periods may be affected by changes in your weight. Losing weight can help you control your periods if you're overweight. However, if you are underweight, you can also suffer from an irregular period which is why maintaining a healthy weight is very important.

3 Eat ginger

Photo Credit: Medical News Today

Ginger contains antioxidants that can help regulate periods, it also helps in getting relief from symptoms of menstruation including anxiety, mood swings, anxiety, etc. You can consume it by adding in a cup of tea or water.

4 Turmeric

Photo Credit: Medical News Today

Turmeric is regarded as one of the most effective medicinal herbs, it has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory qualities which helps balance hormone and regulate periods. You can consume it by adding a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to warm water, milk, or honey.

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