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Here are lessons to learn from the effect of covid-19 on Nigeria's economy, and people's way of life

The outbreak of coronavirus surprised a lot of people, as many never expected it. The outbreak of the virus surprised a lot of people to the extent that If someone would have approached us a year ago and told us that, in 2020, the world is going to face this and many places would shut down for up to three months, we wouldn't have believed it.

Moreover, Coronavirus disease popularly called COVID-19 is an infectious disease or a respiratory illness caused by novel coronavirus called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The outbreak of coronavirus which started in Wuhan City, China, actually spread from the city to other countries. A lot of people got infected by the deadly virus, while lost their lives.

Moreover, it is said that most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.

In other words, the virus entered in the city of Lagos, Nigeria on 27th of February 2020 and thereafter, a lot of people was infected. It was said that many Nigerians didn't believe in the existence of the virus in the country. Most Nigerians saw it as political scam or a way of extorting money, but actually it wasn't and some people came to believe or realize it was not a political scam when the spreading of the virus grew worst and total lockdown was imposed. The lockdown which was not only imposed in restriction of movement but it lead to shutdown of business, education and many more. This really affected the people in every aspect.

Talking about the effect of the outbreak of the virus on Nigeria's economy.

The outbreak of covid-19, really affected the country's economy in different aspect. Nigeria which is known as one of Africa largest economy, really went through a lot during the severe increase of the coronavirus in the country. Moreover, As with most other economies around the world, the sharp drop in Nigeria’s GDP growth is largely down to the slowdown in economic activity after the country resorted to a lockdown back in April to curb the spread of the virus.

Therefore, 27% of Nigeria’s labor force (over 21 million Nigerians) are unemployed and with many Nigerians made unemployed by COVID-19, combined with lower volumes of exports such as oil, Nigeria's economy has contracted by 6.1% year on year in the second quarter of this year. Many Nigerians lost their jobs while some suffered from hunger.

In other words, the country faced a lot of challenges as there was also little sign of a quick turn around in Nigeria’s economic woes as the World Bank predicts that Africa’s most populous country was set for its worst recession in four decades.

Effect of Covid-19 on the educational system, business and the people's way of life

The outbreak of Covid-19 did not only affect the country's economy but also the educational system and the people s way of life. According to UNESCO, over 250 million students across the continent were unable to go to school, even though governments were gradually reopening schools and lifting the COVID-19 containment measures. Moreover, the outbreak of the virus deeply affected the country's educational system, as all students across the country were restricted from going to school. There is a risk for vulnerable populations in both rural and urban areas, especially girls, of further widening inequalities in access to education.

Moreover, the outbreak of the pandemic had influences on education, economy, religious, banking, sporting, social and others. The effect of Covid-19 has tought a lot of people a lot of lesson. People were also false to stop going to church to avoid further spread of the virus. The outbreak of the virus really affected the people's way of life to the extent that people were restricted from selling and sometimes buying. It really affected people business and It also affected the people's social life, as people were asked to social distance themselves from others and many more. It also affected the sport sector, as a lot people were restricted from going to watch ball, and also it restricted people from even going to the bank. Actually a lot of people starved and it was as if hunger was increasing the rate of death in the country.

Below are lessons to learn from the effect of covid-19 on Nigeria's economy, business and ways of life

The outbreak of the virus made people to go through hell. As a matter of fact the outbreak of this virus really thought a lot of people some lessons. The outbreak of the virus came unexpectedly, to the extent that people could find it hard to believe. As a very reasonable person, there are lessons we have to learn from the effect of Covid-19 virus in every aspect of the country.

1. To outbreak of covid-19 should teach people especially parents to save and plan for the future.

2. The outbreak of the virus should teach us to always be prepared and ready for the worst. Who knows what is ahead of us in future, so you should prepare so that when a time like this comes you wouldn't lack.

3. To be prayerful. To most of us who are alive today and those who survived this virus should be prayerful and give thanks to God and always ask for his protection.

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