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How To Make Natural Insecticides With Garlic, Onion, And Pepper.

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Having sleepless nights due to mosquito or a messed up garden due to some annoying insect can be a real pain. Sure you can just buy artificial insecticides from stores around you, but not everyone is willing to do so, because of the effect artificial insecticides have to human health they aren't really considered by many.

In this article, I am going to introduce to you the Natural way of making an insecticide by making use of Garlic, Onion and pepper. Let's begin;


1. Onion

2. Garlic

3. Dried pepper

4. Water

5. Liquid Soap

6. Tomato leaves (Optional).

Procedure; In a blender, add onions, garlic and water. Blend till smooth, add liquid soap, and chopped tomato leaves (optional) then mix together. Your natural insecticide is ready.

Benefits of using Natural insecticide over artificial insecticide;

1. Artificial insecticide can harm not only pests but humans too. It is toxic and have a lot of health effects like cancer, respiratory problems, etc. While Natural insecticides does not.

2. Artificial insecticide is expensive to purchase and if used excessively, the pest builds up resistance to it. While Natural insecticide is cheap imagine this one only costs me #150 to prepare, and the pest can't develop resistant to it. Also if stored in a air tight container, Natural insecticide can last up to A Year.

How to use it; Spray the natural insecticide mixture on anywhere you are having insect problems.

Summary; In this article, how to make natural insecticide, the reasons why Natural insecticide is better than artificial insecticide are discussed.

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(Olarinde Awwal)

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