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She got wedded on Saturday and died on Sunday. RIP

Death is inevitable and that is one thing that bridges the rich and the poor. That is one visitor that will never tell you when it will come , it doesn't mind when you are happy or when you're sad, when you're in good health or in bad health.

There is no better way to die but dying when you are at your happy moment is the worst of them all. The story of this pretty lady really broke my heart when I saw the report. It was reported that she died on Sunday after she had her wedding the previous day.

According to the report, a drip needle was found in her hand which could actually mean that she was not in good health even on the day of her wedding. For the fact that a wedding day is a woman's happiest day, she might have tried to act like she was feeling fine so she could be able to carry on with her ceremony but this might have led her to stressing herself beyond the necessary limit which could have resulted to her death.

This was reported by a Facebook user identified as Sapele Ogheke

This kind of death leaves a vacuum in the partners heart and places this level of fear in him whenever he remembers this incident. For the fact that we don't know the time that death might visit any of us, all we have to do is to pray and be careful and commit all our endeavour to the hands of God who knows beyond what we know and sees in the spirit for he only can protect us from the forces of death.

May her soul rest in perfect peace and may none of us witness this kind of death in Jesus name amen.

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Jesus Sapele Ogheke


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