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Before Bedtime: Avoid doing These 3 Things at Night Before You Sleep.

Sleeping at night is of course very important as it is right to have between 8-10 hours at night.

If you do not have enough sleep at night, it is dangerous to your health. Try as much as possible to get enough sleep at night. But i will talk about three things you should never try to do before sleeping at night and what could happen when you do them.

1. Never watch Horror movies:

Try avoid watching horror movies at night before bed. This is because the brain works in a way, such that what you feed it at that point exactly before bed reflects in your dreams which can be translated to nightmare and can keep you up at night and you will start imagining things that will keep your heart beating all night. Avoid it and have a peaceful sleep at night.

2. Eating Heavy Foods:

Avoid eating heavy foods at night before you sleep, because at that point the digestive system are working so slow and would digest your food really slow or won't even digest at all and it can cause constipation and some other disorders.

3. Fighting or violent arguments:

All these should be avoided totally before bed because, it is really bad to sleep with bitterness and very unhealthy. You might wake up with issued like emotional breakdown and if you are old, it is dangerous for your heart and blood pressure.

I hope this pass a message.

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