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Checkout Throwback And Recent Photos Of Lepacious Bose and The Secret Behind Her Loss in Body Weight

Nothing good comes easy in life. There is always a sacrifice that someone must offer for him to get anything he or she needs in life.

This saying described the life of a popular Nigerian comedian popularly known as Lepacious Bose who work extremely hard to make sure he got her dream shape.

Bose Ogunboye is a Nigerian comedian who is Popularly known for always using her body stature to make jokes while on stage. Lepacious Bose whom have been suffering from obesity always receive alot of insult in form of jokes from her fellow comedian, and sometimes the do body shamed her which she normally accept as a comedian.

According to Lepacious Bose, her condition started bothering her after she was told by her nephew that the way she breath at night while sleeping is very bad. This made her to look for a possible solution to her problem.

Lepacious Bose have to register for a weight loss program which made her to always involve in several exercise just to make sure she accomplish her aim. According to her she said that the teachings from the weight loss program helped her to also know the kind of food to eat, and those she shouldn't eat which she followed sequentially because she was determined to make an improvement. Today Bose is now a celebrity with much transformation.

Checkout some of her recent photos and how beautiful she is now

She was greatful to her nephew who encourage her to go for the Loss weight program, and also she advised any lady that want to loose weight to always have patience and follow the normal procedure because nothing good comes easy in life.


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