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Stop Taking Too Much Of These Things, They Harm Your Kidney

The is one of the vital organ in human body and it performs different activities such as. Filter toxic substances from the body, regulation of extracellular fluid volume. The kidneys work to ensure an adequate quantity of plasma to keep blood flowing to vital organs, Regulation of osmolarity, Regulation of ion concentrations, Regulation of pH, Excretion of wastes and toxins and Production of hormones.

The aim of this article is to enlighten your mind to know that There are some certain things which we are Consuming today that can harm the Kidney.

There are lots of people today who don't know diet play it's own role in their body system. Probably because of ignorant of the knowledge.

Here Are 3 Things You Should Stop Excessive Intake Of.


Excessively Intake of alcohol causes changes in the function of the human Kidney and makes them less able to filter the blood. Alcohol also affects the ability to regulate fluid and electrolytes in the body. When alcoholdehydrates (dries out) the body, the drying effectcan affect the normal function of cells and organs, including the Kidney.

One of the reason Why you Should reduce your alcohol Intake that, the chemical present in it (ethanol) is a bad diet for the Kidney and it can make Kidney disease worse.


They is a saying that “The Federal ministry of health ones that, smokers are liable to die young.” Some people are the one complicating themselves with all kinds of Kidney diseases today. Specialist often said smokers are highly at the top level in developing Kidney disease.

In addition to tobacco and cigarrete, smoking allows other toxins into the body. And according to the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP), studies have shown that smoking is harmful for the Kidneys, and can cause Kidney disease to progress and increases the risk for proteinuria (excessive amount of protein in the urine).


Although sugar is sweet but if it's not properly consume it can harm the Kidney in different ways.

Once the blood sugar level gets higher than 180 mg/dl, the Kidneys start to spill sugar into the urine. The higher the blood sugar, the more sugar comes out in the urine. If your Kidneys are normal, this usually isn't a problem, but if you have diabetes, too much sugar can cause Kidney damage.

Please don't forget to share this life saving article to your love ones in other to help the large society prevent Kidney disease.

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Alcohol Too Much Of These Things


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