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Let's Talk about Menopause

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Let's Talk about Menopause

If you really want to know when you'll reach Menopause ask your Mother when hers started.You can also ask your Mother Sisters or relatives when their menopause started. 

If you know when their Menopause started then yours will likely be within that same age range because sometimes it runs in the family's linage. 

Most Women experience Menopause during their 40's to 50's. 

To know that menopause have started,one will not have or consistently see their period for 12 months which is one year. 

Once this continues for a period of 5 years, then you are fully in your Menopause. 

Although, there are some menopause that are premature and a Woman may start it earlier than even 40 years of age due to certain health issues or challenges.

In this condition you are advised to see your Doctor. 

Medically there a certain treatments that will help you since it's not the right time for  the menopause to start. 

The following are some symptoms you'll feel if menopause want to start 

1) Irregular Periods - When period starts becoming irregular coupled with an increase in age then you're likely heading towards Menopause. 

2) Hot flashes - Hot Flashes are body sensations that makes you feel hot heat or air at intervals.

3) Dizziness - Sometimes your eye will turn you,you'll see double or have blurred vision.

Make sure you drink enough Water at this point. 

4) Itchy Body- Your body and skin will feel dry and itchy.

Try to tackle itchy body by using calamine lotion and enough body lotion. 

5) Head ache - Your head may ache you most times.

Always have your first aid and also learn pressure points massage to minimize head ache when it starts.

Avoid walking under the Sun for so long to relieve stress.

6) Tenderness - Your burst may become tender as you approach Menopause.

Understand that tenderness is compulsory whether you have a Child or not.

Many Women become worried when their burst shape is no longer how it use to be due to body changes.

Menopause is a must for every Woman so embrace yourself when it's the right time and live a healthy lifestyle to keep fit.

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