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Kidney Disease Is Very Deadly, Checkout What You Should Do To Avoid This Disease.

Kidney Disease Is Very Deadly, Checkout What You Should Do To Avoid This Disease.

The kidneys are pair of bean shaped organs present in all vertebrates. They remove waste products from the body and regulate blood pressure. They are located at the bottom of the rib cage. The kidneys are the organs the control the production of the red blood cells.

Kidney disease affects mainly adults. It is a condition where the kidneys become damaged and can't perform their function. Some causes of kidney disease are; high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and many more. 

Below are the symptoms of kidney diseases; 

1. Sleeping difficulties.

2. Tiredness.

3. Swollen feets and ankles.

4. Swollen eyes in the morning.

5. Frequent urination.

6. Poor appetite.

7. Nausea. 

8. Hyperkalemia.

9. Changes in colour of urine.

10. Low red blood cells.

11. Vomiting and many more.

There are some factors that are likely to cause Kidney diseases. The factors are below;

1. Diabetes- this is the main cause of kidney disease. Individuals with diabetes are at a higher level of being affected. 

2. Old age.

3. High blood pressure.

4. Genetics- having a family member with the disease.

If you are noticing any of what is mentioned above, here are some kidney tests you can perform;

1. Ultrasound scan.

2. Glomerular filtration rate.

3. Urine test.

4. Blood test.

Below are some ways you can avoid kidney diseases;

1. Exercise regularly.

2. Eat healthy, more of fruits and vegetables.

3. Quit smoking and drinking.

4. Reduce your salt intake.

5. Reduce your level intake of sugar.

6. Avoid foods high in cholesterol.

7. Control your blood pressure.

8. Drink plenty of water. 

9. Quit eating beef and chicken.

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