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Carbonated Drinks

4 Negative Effects Of Carbonated Drinks To Your Health

Too much of everything is bad especially when it comes to things that affects our health. 

Drinking carbonated drinks once in a blue moon will not give negative effects on your health but drinking it on a daily basis will definitely affect your health big time. 

Medical personnels always advice people to stay away from carbonated drinks or exchange it with fresh fruit drinks or juices because they are more healthier. 

Carbonated drinks can be good to your health if taken for low energy level because of its sugar content. 

Apart from that, the sugar content in carbonated drinks are dangerous for our health. 

Here are the bad effects of carbonated drinks to health: 

1. Sugar spike: As soon as you drink carbonated drinks, a large amount of sugar gets added to your bloodstream. The sugar is of two kinds: glucose, which is metabolised by every cell of the body and the much sweeter sugar, fructose, which is only metabolised by the liver and excess sugar in the blood is a danger sign.

2. Insulin level: Since glucose content in the blood rises after sugar intake, our pancreas produces a large amount of insulin to do away with the excess sugar.

This over a large period of time can lead to insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes and heart disease. 

3. Fatty liver disease: Carbonated drinks don’t just make you fat, it does the same to your liver. Since the liver is the only organ that metabolises fructose, it converts it into fat that gets accumulated over the organ, giving us a fatty liver. 

Too much fat accumulation over time can cause liver Inflammation that can cause scarring or damage. In extreme cases, this can lead to liver failure.

4. Dental health: Not just your pancreas and liver, carbonated drinks can wreak havoc on your teeth as well. This is because it contains acids that can lead to tooth decay and cavities, and we all know how painful that can be. 

A good option is to do away with carbonated drinks totally and replace them with other options such as fruit juices, water and green teas. 

As we all know, water has immense health benefits and is crucial for survival. 

Content created and supplied by: MatronJcares (via Opera News )


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