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Lady Shares How A Feminine Product She Was Using Almost Sent Her To An Early Grave

A young lady who identifies as @amorgxn on Twitter shared her story about how a Feminine product she was using almost sent her to an early grave. She said that it's been over a year the incident took place.

Photo of the young lady and the period she was hospitalized last year

In summary this lady said that she woke up one night to find out that her pad was stuck to her bum and it made her feel uncomfortable throughout the night. She was admitted the next at the hospital with necrotising fasciitis and septic shock.

The doctors told her that she would not survive because her vitals were very bad and some tissues were infected. It was on 20th May, 2021 that she was strong enough to go for surgery and the infected tissue in her bum was cut out. She also said that she spent 10 days in the ICU and 7 days in the regular ward in the hospital.

She went on to say everything that happened was a surprise to her because she has been using the pads for 14 years and she has not had any issues till the near death experience last year.

Below is the full story she shared on Twitter

Source: Twitter

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