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What to do and what not to do when water get stock in your ear

Water could get stock in the ear as a result of swimming or bathing and it's Soo common in children.

Now the question is, should we worry when water is stocked in the ear?

Yes we should worry because when it is there in the ear it can lead to discomfort and ear infection such as Otitis externa.

Here are what to do to trickle out the water.

1. Dry your outer ear with a towel.

2. Blow warm air into the ear.

3. Rest the affected ear on a pillow or towel for some minutes.

4. Try yawning or chew gum

5. take a gentle breath, pinch your nose, close your mouth and gently sniff in some air to open your eustachian tubes.

What you should not do when water get stock in the ear

1. Avoid inserting cotton Bud into the ear.

2. Never insert your fingernails in the ear

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