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Opinion: Things To Do To Reverse Diabetes

In the last few weeks, I have learnt to go out into this world with a heart full of heroism and eyes set to witness the full glory of my powers. That is life for you; some seasons will bring misfortune and sometimes will be hard.

You will sometimes meet people who wish less than your dream for you. I am patient with them because I know that they know not what they do. I therefore send those good wishes and my sincere forgiveness for their lack of understanding of my legendary dreams.

I work richly with dignity, giving more than I receive and produce the magic that honours my maker. I respect the mandate handed over to me and the genius in me.

When the crowd seeks for you to be like them, stay true to your path - leading by your virtues and the values that feel real to you. Remain daring knowing that the meek and timid do not know the soaring flights that come by leaning into your fears. To postpone the life of your ideals is to invite regret into your days.

Remember that terror is closer to triumph than complacency is. And that fear becomes faith when you walk in it.

Now let us revisit the issue of the Eating and Non-Eating Windows. It is not advisable to fast as it was in the ‘60s when some people used to fast for 30 to 60 days non-stop. There was a report of nine people who fasted for 30 to 60 days. Their blood sugar level dropped to 30mg/dL.

To reverse type-2 diabetes, you can eat a meal a day for three times each week, but the most excellent way is to stop eating at 5.00 pm until the next day at about 1.00 pm. This will be about 20 hours of non-eating and four hours of eating. Do this, in addition to eating food low in carbohydrates.

My personal experience and testimonies from my numerous clients show that it is easy to get diabetes reversed. If your fasting blood sugar is low, take it up and if it is high, bring it down.

However, know that in all these, as I have always told you, time frame matters. If you don’t eat, insulin would go down, when you eat, insulin would go up. Also when you don’t eat the growth hormones would go up, activating the rise in energy.

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