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Why Elderly People Are Advised To Regularly Take Walnuts

In the elderly, a lot of tissues and organs no longer function the way they were created to. There is usually a decline with age and sequel to this, some nutrients would be required by the body to help bring these organs back to normal functioning even though it may not be like that of the days of youth. Among these nutrients is the omega 3 fatty acids.


Omega 3 fatty acids are mostly found in oily fishes but today, it could be really expensive finding these fishes to consume in the quantity that would be sufficient enough to provide these benefits. Walnuts are among the plants that can provide such a vital nutrient.

Below is one benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids to the elderly:

Promotes a healthy heart

One of the agents fighting a healthy heart is the presence of low density lipoproteins. They are known as the bad cholesterol. These LDL would clog the walls of the arteries making passage of blood more of a difficult task. A medical condition known as atherosclerosis. When this condition is severe, an artery may get blocked leading to a blockade to the organs and tissues they supply. Stroke, myocardial infarction among others are the most common results of this condition.

Omega 3 fatty acids function to promote the levels of the good fats known as the high density lipoprotein, HDL. This would combat the production of the low density lipoproteins granting the arteries an easy flow of blood.

Regular consumption of walnut can provide the body with this Omega 3 fatty acids needed to keep the blood vessels clean.

Omega 3 fatty acids contained in walnuts can also help protect the eyes from macular degeneration, a medical condition of the old age that affects the eyes leading to an impairment to vision.

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