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2 Things You Can Do During Constipation For A Relief

Constipation is a medical condition that affects the intestines. It occurs when the large intestines are hardened as a result of getting stuffed with dry faeces.

Source: MedicineNet

The primary cause of this condition is mostly known to be chronic dehydration. When strong foods are consumed with no much water. When you find yourself in such a situation, here are 2 things you can do to break free.

1. Take warm or hot water

Water counters the dehydration effect by rehydrating the bowels, making the content soft. The fact that the water is warm would help stimulate the bowel movements making digestion faster, in this case, the contents of the large intestine would be easily made to find an exit and this would trigger in you the urge to defecate. 

Apart from helping ease constipation, taking hot water can also help address some other digestive difficulties like indigestion, heartburn, bloating and the rest of them. The reason for this is that hot water stimulates a faster bowel movement causing digestion of anything in the digestive tract. 

Taking hot water should serve as a first aid treatment to mild digestive disorders and upon persistent after taking hot water, medical attention can be sought from a medical practitioner, preferably a doctor.

2. Take oranges

Oranges as well as any other citrus fruits can help relieve constipation. The reason behind this is, citrus fruits are good sources of fibre and this is a nutrient known to aid digestion as well as ease constipation.

However, if you are prone to acid reflux, a medical condition that causes the contents of the stomach to regurgitate into the oesophagus, then you should stick to consumption of hot water alone during occasional cases of constipation because, the high acidic content of citrus fruits can possibly result to an increment in the gastric acid resulting to a higher possibility of regurgitation which simply implies greater discomfort.

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