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What sleeping on the left side might do to a person's health

According to Healthline, sleeping on your left side is not the healthiest position, despite what you may have heard. Numerous studies have shown that sleeping on one's left side raises one's risk of acquiring a number of heart-related disorders; this article will focus on these issues.

Is there any harm to one's heart from sleeping on one's left side?

Sleeping on one's left side has been demonstrated by scientists to increase the pressure exerted on the heart, which can have detrimental implications on cardiovascular health. However, there is no proof that sleeping on one's right side is harmful to one's heart.

In 1997, electrocardiograms demonstrated that lying on one's side could drastically alter the heart's electric activity. Such modifications may be hazardous to one's health.

You might think about switching to a healthier and safer sleeping posture, as these alterations were more prominent in persons who slept on their left side. If you tend to sleep on your left side, you should try to cut down on that habit. However, this doesn't mean you have to switch to sleeping on your right side exclusively.

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