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4 Healthy Leaves That Can be Found In Nigeria

Africa is a blessed continent that is filled with not only mineral resources but also great natural gifts. The only problem is that most of these natural gifts haven't been explored.

In the past most of us have heard out parents talk about many natural herbs which were formerly used for medicine but with the development of the country, most of these natural herbs we're side lined a bit.

Nigeria is a part of Africa and it will be the major focus of my article today. In this article, I will be talking about 4 healthy leaves that can be found in Nigeria.

1. Bitter Leaf

Although a lot of people use bitter leaf in preparation of their soups, they don't know that it has a lot of wonderful benefits it gives to the body.

These benefits may includes it's high level of vitamins especially Vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants which are in adequate proportion needed by the body.

According to a research which was published by the guardian newspaper, it helps prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, enhances fertility and helps in reducing the weight of a person.

It is readily found in almost every part of Nigeria especially in the south zone. Because of high spreading rate, a lot of people cut it down like weed which is wrong.

2. Scent Leaf

Scent Leaf is another healthy leaf that can be found in almost every part of the country. But it is harder to get scent leaf as they take a lot of management before it grows and starts spreading.

Scent leaf is filled with a lot of benefits to the health of humans ranging from it's high level of Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to it's benefits to heart health.

It is also said to maintain eye health, improve digestion and lower blood sugar. Although most of these benefits needs more research to be made on it.

3. Moringa Leaf

Moringa Leaf is actually native to northern India but can also be found in Africa. In Nigeria, it can be mainly found in North Eastern Nigeria.

Moringa Leaf has a lot of science based benefits to the body some of which include it's high Antioxidants levels, it could reduce Inflammation, blood pressure and blood sugar.

4. Thyme leaf

Thyme is another natural leaf that can be found in the country Nigeria. It is used mainly in preparation of different types of dishes, this is mostly because of it's sweet and aromatic taste and smell.

It also has a lot of benefits to health such as helping in boosting body immunity, lower blood pressure, treat cough, act as a disinfectant and also helps in boosting mood of a person.


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