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Stop These 6 Common Things Before You Get To Menopause, It Is Very Dangerous

There are some things women do that may cause serious harm to their body. It depends on the kind of food they eat, kind of behaviour they emulate and so on. Today, I am going to be talking about the kind of food, and how it may affect women before getting to the menopause stage.

Menopause is the stage in women whereby the ovary cease to ejaculate eggs. However, menopause occurs generally in all females when they get to the age of about 45 to 55. Early menopause can happen between the age of 35 to 44. Infact, some experience menopause when they get to 60.

The question now is that "How do I know I am at the menopause stage?" You are at the menopause stage when you see that you missed your menstrual discharge for a period of 12 months consecutively.

Menopause results to many changes in the body. It leads to weight gain, low production of ostrogen and progesterone in the fallopian tube, Vag*na dryness, sweating at night, skin dryness, severe headache e.t.c. In case you are asked, menopause is also known as Climacteric.

6 Common Foods To Avoid At Menopause

1. Foods & drinks that are rich in caffeine

Caffeinated drinks and foods can lead to hot flashes in women. The good news is that you can always use peppermint or hot ginger coffee as an alternative. Aside that, you can go out for a short trek or stroll.

2. Alcoholic foods and drinks

According to the 2015 U.S dietary guidelines, women that drink alcohol have a 1.5 times possibility to have vreast cancer than women who do not. The good news here is that you can use a wine spritzer with fruit as an alternative.

3. Fatty Foods

Fatty foods are highly safurated foods which is termed dangerous by health practitioners to our bodies. Some fatty foods also decrease the production of serotonin produced in the body. According to my own observation as a medical doctor, fatty acids also lead to severe heart diseases.

4. Processed Food

We all know processed foods contain a high amount of sodium which causes bloatation and water retension. The too news here is that you can use peanut butter or whole grains grains as a alternative.

5. Fast foods

Are you always in a rush to your place of work in the morning? Yes, almost everyone does that. But, do you know eating at a restaurant is really dangerous? Why? Restaurants always add a very high amount of fats to their meals. You don't need to argue here, if you are in doubt, you can consult any of your relatives working as a cooker in a restaurant.

6. Spicy foods

Do you love your Noodles being filled with maggi? Unfortunately, maggi causes hot flashes like sweating, headache, and so on in women. The good news is that you can always try out curry.

A woman going to the age of menopause should totally abstain from these foods. These foods will one way or the other take effect in women who eat these 6 things.

I hope this piece was communicative. Save lives by sharing as much as you can. I personally did research and shared with you so that you can also be saved.


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