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3 Reasons "Some Women Die" During Childbirth.

It's really a sad thing to see a pregnant lady die during or after childbirth. Most times death during childbirth is caused by a lot of health complications.This always happens if the health complications were not detected early.

In this article, I will show you reasons ladies die during child birth. Gradually go through the article.

3 Reasons "Some Women Die" During Childbirth.

1) Haemorrhage.

haemorrhage is the primary cause of death during childbirth, this occurs when excess bleeding starts to happen after the lady must have brought out the baby. When it becomes too much, the lady loses a lot of blood and eventually dies.

2) Unsafe Abortion.

Some ladies have had several abortions and they don't know that it might affect them during childbirth. During abortion, they might have caused several damages to their wombs and this could cause some complications during labor.

3) Infections and Diseases.

Infections are one of the causes of death during childbirth. Some deadly infections can cause many health complications.Also, some diseases like high blood pressure can cause seizures during childbirth.

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