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9 signs you will notice when your blood sugar is high and foods you should consume to help reduce it.

Your body needs a moderate amount of sugar to provide energy to your body organs and other supporting tissues. When you take too much sugar, it will affect your body and cause some health conditions to develop. People with high blood sugar usually experience headache, blurred vision, difficulty in concentrating, tiredness and even excessive thirst. I will go detailed on the signs you will notice when your blood sugar is high.

Below are the signs that your blood sugar is high.

1. Frequent urination.

When you consume too much sugar your kidney will tend to be stimulated. This could then make your kidney overactive thereby increasing the rate at which you urinate.

2. Dehydration and dry mouth.

When your blood sugar is high, you will tend to loose much water from your body. When this happens, you will be dehydrated and your mouth will be dry.

3. You will find it difficult to concentrate.

4. You will have a blurred vision.

When you consume too much sugar it could affect your eye function. Once you start noticing a blurred vision, you need to check your sugar level.

5. You will experience headache and body pains.

6. When your blood sugar is high, it will become difficult for wound to heal.

7. You may experience shortness of breath.

8. You will experience drowsiness which could make you feel very tired.

9. You will experience nausea and bloating.

There are some foods you can consume that helps to lower your blood sugar.

Below are the foods.

1. Nuts like cashew nuts, peanuts, almond and others.

2. Legumes like chicken peas, black eyed beans and others.

3. Fresh fruits.

4. Fatty fish like Salmon.

5. Whole wheat bread.

6. Yams like white yam, water yam, yellow yam and others.

7. Oat meal.

8. Whole wheat bread.

9. Sweet Potato.

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