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7 facts about menstruation that you probably don't know

Menstruation is when a woman's eggs are ready to be fertilized by sperm. In the absence of the sperm, the eggs rupture and come out in a form of blood. It sometimes gives some women unbearable pains and could last for 3-5days. Highly varies from woman to woman. Anything longer than a week, the doctor should be contacted.

Things you should know about menstruation

1. A girl should be taught how to take care of herself before she starts menses. She should be well informed, to avoid embarrassment, to avoid unwanted pregnancy and not to fix a wedding date that falls close to her expected menstrual date, in order not to disorganize her honeymoon.

2. A girl that does not menstruate should contact God fervently. It could be a sign of barrenness.

3. There's regular and irregular menses, in a case of irregular menses, contact your doctor. It is normal if pains are not involved.

4. Some women don't see menses during breast feeding while others do. If you do, take precaution. It could result to another sudden and unexpected pregnancy.

5. Avoid too much food if you experience heavy flow during menses. Too sweet and hot tea should also be avoided during menses, except if you want the flow.

6. If you menstruate more than once a month, it's a sign of abnormality, contact a doctor.

7. Some women still menstruate even after 50 years. Medical advise should be sort.

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