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One Substance People Use In Preservation Of Stockfish That Can Lead To Liver Damage

Stockfish because of the unique aroma and taste it graces foods with has made it quite useful in preparation of several dishes. In local soups, it is known to be among the inevitable condiments.


The pleasant taste of it is however not enjoyed by humans alone. Weevils also find it enjoyable like humans and for that reason, they would infest them at any given opportunity especially when they are broken or damaged by any means and this would heavily affect their quality and taste.

Inorder to get rid of them, some sellers would employ the application of some toxic insecticides including 'Sniper', in getting rid of pests and insects.

The chemicals used in making these insecticides potent enough to kill pests can be quite harmful to our vital organs and can cause liver diseases as a result of their toxic nature. The liver is among the most important organs in the human body that anyone can hardly survive without.

Detoxification of foods, secretion of insulin that helps convert excess glucose to glycogen as well as metabolism and excretion of bilirubin are some of it's functions.

When we keep consuming stockfish that such a chemical was applied on, we may not immediately see the impacts and implications of our actions on our health because the liver would be working hard in neutralizing it's harmful effects but a time would come when the liver no longer works that hard because it has been overwhelmed with stress and is now tired.

This is when some liver diseases as well as some other terminal ailments like liver cancer can set in. Sunbathing from time to time could be helpful in preserving these foods as they would find it difficult surviving under the harsh temperature conditions the sun would bring.

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