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Drink Boiled Onion And Lemon Juice Twice A Day To Cure These Diseases

God has really blessed our country Nigeria with lots of herbs but the only problem is our ignorance. There are so many herbs around us that can solve many diseases but people don’t know. Before the orthodox medicine came, our forefathers survived on herbs and it worked out perfectly for them. So I want to bring to our notice today one of such amazing combinations.

 People only know that onion can be used for cooking, and lemon for processing drinks and nothing more but it goes more than that. There are amazing functions these two things can perform when combined together.

When you combine onion and lemon, it performs amazing functions in the body of which I will highlight here.

Things you will need.

1.    A very big onion depending on the size.

Kitchen Food Crisper Fruit & Vegetable Storage Containers Onion ...

2.    A big lemon or a cup of the juice if not available.

The Professor - Onion Tea For Missed Period This remedy is ...3.    One cup of water depending on the size of the above two materials.

How to prepare.

1.    Slice the onion bulb to reduce the size and blend it. Add one cup of the water to the blended onion and boil it on fire for about 10 minutes.

2.    It you are using the lemon fruit, blend it also and sieve out the juice.

3.    After both are prepared, add the lemon juice and your boiled onion juice and mix.

How to use

Drink this mixture first thing in the morning before you take breakfast and the last thing in the night before you sleep.

Do this daily for about a week to get these results.

1.    The cancer fighting compound in it helps the body in fighting cancer.

2.    This mixture contains a very high amount of antioxidants.

3.    It fights bad cholesterol in the blood.

4.    It treats respiratory problems and even throat infection.

5.    It helps in the detoxification process in the human body and even purifies the blood.

6.    It treats gastric ulcer, asthma, fever and even allergies.

7.    It eliminates inflammation.

8.    The mixture helps prevent hair loss and promote hair growth due to the presence of collagen in the onion.

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